"Friendship is a Soul dwelling in two bodies." - Aristotle already knew about the value of friendship and to this day we value it as one of the highest goods in our lives. Friends are people who accept us for who we are. I really mean who we are - people we can think out loud in front of, who we can fool around and make inappropriate jokes with without feeling weird or embarrassed. Because we simply know: We are liked for who we are, without us having to pretend, look "instagram-compatible" or have to withdraw.

We can rely on our friends - in good times they rejoice with us and grant us our success, in bad times they don't leave us alone and strengthen us in our self and our self-worth. Friends are honest - they tell us and show us when they value something in us just as much as when they are angry about something in us - they show us their feelings, because they too know that they are accepted - just as they are. Friendship means reciprocity. And even if we sometimes get on their nerves infinitely, sometimes we don't treat them well or let them down - true friendship survives deep abysses as well as unbelievable heights.

Whether together or individually - no matter what we experience, our friends accompany us on our way. They are irreplaceable for our happiness. Some friends we have had for years, others maybe only for a few months - no matter how long you've known each other: If you appreciate each other, are there for each other and can laugh together, then enjoy your time together. Many people will come into your life - but stay true friends forever!

How good the friendship is can of course also be seen by how much you know about each other. Have you already experienced and shared all kinds of things with each other or are you only just having a lot of common experiences? Do you know each other inside out or is there still room for improvement? Take the test and find out or find out what type of friend you are.

We wish you a lot of fun testing your friendship!